Sri. M.Madhusudhan and Sri. M.Sridhar, are the chief promotersof Shakti Public School. The School was founded by in 2011 with a Vision to provide best academic facilities to rural children which will create a strong foundation for a progressively thinking and intellectually stimulated society. Other Promoters are Mr.T.V.Rajgopal, Mr.T.V.Srinivas, Mr.M.Ramamurthy, Mr.K.Ramakrishna, Mr.V.Srikanth&Mr.P.Sunil Kumar.

It was founded on unique progressive mission of promoting every child, a happy & comfortable environment in learning process, Thus Ensuring an all-round development in spiritual, moral, social, cultural, academic & physical aspect by adopting a Holistic approach to scholastic & Non- scholastic curriculum. The institution aims at shaping every child on the thought of Swami Vivekananda,” Education is the manifestation of goodness already existing in man “

Shakti Public School Management and staff have a record of rendering selfless service. It has been our endeavours to bring in the best, provide the latest methodology to ensure our young children to grow and develop in all round activities, contributing good and skilled citizens to the nation. It is the commitment by the Management and the facility to make the learning environment conducive and encouraging.


Tiruvalluvar District in Tamil Nadu is unique because of its location – whichis bordering Andhra Pradesh. The district has a mixture of urban and rural characteristics. The northern part of the District has a strong influenceof Andhra culture due to its position.  While Tiruvalluvar itself derives its namefrom the presiding deity of the famous Veeraraghava temple of Tiruvalluvar,the region’s history dates back to 7th century of Pallavas and Nawabs ofArcot. The influence of British and French has been strong on the regionwhich has been the scene for many Carnatic Wars.

Tiruttani is the birth place of SarvepalliRadhakrishnan, the second President ofIndia. Tiruttaniis one of the nine Taluks of Tiruvalluvar District. Thiruttani is a mere15 km from Andhra Pradesh and 84 km from Chennai. Its culture is uniquely a mixture of Tamil and Telugu. Tiruttani is famous for the Murugan Temple which is considered as one of the six holy abodes of Lord Muruga. It is a temple of great significance for the both Tamil and Telugu speaking people and hasfound mention of its existence in centuries old mythological and puranic texts. Tiruttani is well connected by road and rail and has emerged as a trading centre, too.

Murakkampattu Village, located a mere 3 km from Tiruttani, is the home of Shakthi Public School, a modern-concept school founded by Shakthi Education Trust.Shakthi Education Trust was formed on 5th December 2011 and is Registered as a Public Charitable Trust under The Indian Trust Act 1882 (vide Trust Deed Registration No.424, Year 2011, Book No.4 comprising of 23 pages at the Sub-Registrars Office, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur District Tamil Nadu on 5th December 2011)

The founding of the school is a collective initiative of persons who have deep roots in Murakkampattu and have been professionally successful elsewhere. They come from varied fields of academics, construction, trading,finance, technology and manufacturing. This initiative is an emulative example of their sterling commitment to the place of origin. Shakthi Public School is built on this strong, unwavering commitment.


Our Vision

To provide best academic facilities to rural children which will create a strong foundation for a progressively thinking and intellectually stimulated society.

Our Mission

Create the most pleasant atmosphere for the overall development of the childby providing best academic facilities, committed and eminent teaching, energeticand vibrant cultural environment and a modern, state of the art learning infrastructure.

Our Belief

Every child has special gifts.Each one is talented. Webelieve that each child’s talentand potential can be identifiedand developed to its potential.Our school will be a place forthe child’s growth where heor she will learn happily, enjoyevery minute and grow into aconfident and merited child.We at Shakthi also believe that the children should be strongin their cultural foundation andat the same time grow into aglobal citizen.

Value Systems

The purpose of every activity at Shakthi PublicSchool is to:

  • Actively engage everyone concerned forcollective progress
  • Provide freedom and independence which willcreate more opportunities for creativity
  • Create a social awareness which will assurefairness to every individual
  • Develop respect for the values and goodpractices of the society

Learning Designs

All teaching and learning activitiesat Shakthi Public School will:

  • Be enjoyable, Involving gamesand group activities
  • Lead to a sense of wonder andsharing the delight of discovery
  • Enhance intellectual strengthand promote curiosity through exchange of ideas
  • Build friendship skills,communication and co-existence.


Shakthi Public School (SPS) a Modern Concept School was founded in the year 2011 by Shakthi Education Trust (SET). SPS is located in Murukamppattu Village which is a mere 3 kms from Tiruttani Town.

The Board of Trustees are as Under:


Occupation: Business

Designation: Managing Trustee

Mr. Sridhar.M

Occupation: Business

Designation: Treasurer

Mr. SubbaNaidu.V

Occupation: Farmer

Designation: Trustee

Mr. Ramesh Babu.A

Occupation: Business

Designation: Trustee


Shri. M Madhusudhan is a B.E. (Civil Engineering) from Bangalore University. He hails from AlameluMangapuram Village which is around 3 kms from the School.  He currently resides in Bangalore.
The school is the result of the Strong Vision of the Correspondent, who toyed the idea of starting the School in the Rural Area. The idea was to offer Education to the Children of this Region with State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and imparting quality education that is affordable.

Shri.M.Madhusudhan is into Construction Business from 1995. Predominantly he is into construction of Educational Institutes. 


Smt. S. Malgija is a M.Sc. (Zoology) and M.Ed. from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and M.B.A in Education Management from Alagappa University.

She has over 16 years of teaching experience having taught in St. Francis ICSE School, St. Mira’s High School, Shantiniketan Trust School, St. Joseph High School (all in Bangalore) and SRKBV Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kulasekaram, Tamil Nadu and Kids Oxford Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Kuzhithurai, Tamil Nadu. She has been greatly successful in all her teaching careers with her presentation, communication, mentoring skills and is a hardworking result oriented teacher. She has extensive hands-on experience in teaching through modern technology based Audio-Visual Aids. She is a good mentor and a proven administrator.

Her academic leadership will be a great strength for the teaching, administrative and support staff at Shakthi Public School. For the students of Shakthi Public School, her experience, care and concern will immensely benefit them through academic and co-curricular excellence.

Smt. S. Malgijais the Principal since Inception of the School in the year 2012.

Administrative Officer

Sri. Jokash S, is a Master of Management Science(MMS) from University of Poona. Prior to his Masters, he Graduated in B.A.(Economics) & Diploma In Business Management.

He has over 17 years of Administrative experience having worked with Industrial Companies & Educational Institutes.He has acquired proficiency in Management Skills (Human & Process Management). He has exhibited strong leadership skills and has the ability to work under time constraints to handle multiple tasks

Sri. Jokash S is the Administrative Officer (AO) since Inception of the School in the year 2012


The school currently is adequately staffed. The current strength of the School Staff is around 85 Nos. This includes both the Teaching &, Non-Teaching Staff.  The Salaries are paid through our Bank Account. A Single Transfer (Debit) instruction is given by the School to the Bank for Credit of Salaries monthly to the respective Staff.


Our Bankers to the School is Indian Overseas Bank, Tiruttani Branch, No.14, Arakkonam Road, Tiruttani-631209.  The School Bank Account and the Bank Account of all the Staff Members are maintained with this Bank.


Shakthi Academics

At Shakthi Public School, the focus is on a teaching method which is parallel to best national and international standards in education. We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum which is widely considered as one of the most distinguished. Children who study under the CBSE curriculum grow into fully confident and intelligent persons in life. The teachers of the Shakthi Public School are friendly, experienced knowledgeable and committed. They bring with them years of rich teaching experience and are very sensitive to every child’s learning and emotional needs.

Modern Learning Environment

The learning at Shakthi Public School is complete and holistic. It is supported by modern, scientifically designed, international standard learning material and processes from EduriteStudy Material :The up-to-date and relevant study  Material is developed by Edurite in their state-of- the-art R&D cell in Bangalore by experts from all over India – from cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Kota, Chennai and Hyderabad. The multimedia learning soft wares and equipment is the most Comprehensive of its kind.

Intensive Testing

Shakthi Public School follows a unique testing and examination system that has regular Unit Tests, Subject-wise Tests and Exams with many new features. Children’s progressis regularly monitored without putting them to regular examination stress. Detailed performance analysis reports and marks cards are made available to parents and students after each such test. This will help students know their progress and make changes in their studying styles for better improvement.

School Management Committee (SMC)

Shakthi Public School has formed a School Management Committee (SMC). Mr.MMadhusudhan is the Chairman of the Commmittee. The Principal is the Member Secretary of the Committee and the other member comprises of Parents, Teachers from our School and other Schools, Principals of KendriyaVidhyala Schools, Doctor, Engineer, Theatre Personel, tc. 

“ Click here ” for the details of the Committee.

Parents Teachers Association

parent-teacher association (PTA)) is a formal organization composed of parentsteachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. The purpose of the PTA is to provide a structure through which the parents/guardians of children of the School can work together for the best possible education and welfare of their children.

With a view to develop partnership between the parents and the school, Shakthi Public School has formed a Parents Teachers Association (PTA).

“ Click here ” for the details of the Association.

Sexual Harassment Committee (SHC)

Shakthi Public School has formed a Sexual Harassment Committee (SHC). The purpose of the Committee is ‘To establish that inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature, and / or retaliation will not be tolerated at Shakthi Public  School and to set forth procedures for resolving such allegations.’

The SHC details are as Under:

Sl. No.

Name of the Member




Mrs.Jayanthi T


Chair Person


Mrs.Sumathi J




Mr.Jokash S

Administrative Officer


Grievance/Redressal Officer

Mrs.Malgija S
Phone: 044 -27800094/96
Fax : 044 -27800094/96


















Respect Teachers uphold human dignity and promote equality and emotional and cognitive development. In their professional practice, teachers demonstrate respect for spiritual and cultural values, diversity, social justice, freedom, democracy and the environment.

  • Care Teachers’ practice is motivated by the best interests of the pupils/students entrusted to their care. Teachers show this through positive influence, professional judgement and empathy in practice.
  • Trust Teachers’ relationships with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, school management and the public are based on trust. Trust embodies fairness, openness
    and honesty.
  • Integrity Honesty, reliability and moral action are embodied in integrity. Teachers exercise integrity through their professional commitments, responsibilities and actions.

1. Professional Values and Relationships

Teachers should:

  • be caring, fair and committed to the best interests of the pupils/students entrusted to their care,
  • and seek to motivate, inspire and celebrate effort and success
  • acknowledge and respect the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of pupils/ students and promote their holistic development
  • be committed to equality and inclusion and to respecting and accommodating diversity including
  • those differences arising from gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion,age, disability, race, ethnicity, membership of the Traveller community and socio-economic status,   and any further grounds as may be referenced in equality legislation in the future.
  • seek to develop positive relationships with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, school management and others in the school community, that are characterised by professional  integrity and judgement
  • work to establish and maintain a culture of mutual trust and respect in their schools.

2. Professional Integrity

Teachers should:

  • act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work
  • respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of information gained in the course of professional practice, unless a legal   Imperative requires disclosure or there is a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of an individual
  • represent themselves, their professional status, qualifications and experience honestly
  • use their name/names as set out in the Register of Teachers, in the course of their professional duties
  • avoid conflict between their professional work and private interests which could reasonably be deemed to impact negatively on pupils/students.

3. Professional Conduct

Teachers should:

  • uphold the reputation and standing of the profession
  • take all reasonable steps in relation to the care of pupils/students under their supervision, so as to ensure their safety and welfare
  • work within the framework of relevant legislation and regulations
  • comply with agreed national and school policies, procedures and guidelines which aim to promote pupil/student education and welfare and child protection
  • report, where appropriate, incidents or matters which impact on pupil/student welfare
  • communicate effectively with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, school management and others in the school community in a manner that is professional, collaborative and supportive, and based on trust and respect
  • ensure that any communication with pupils/ students, colleagues, parents, school management and others is appropriate, including communication via electronic media, such as e-mail, texting and social networking sites
  • ensure that they do not knowingly access, download or otherwise have in their possession while engaged in school activities, inappropriate materials/images in electronic or other format
  • ensure that they do not knowingly access, download or otherwise have in their possession, illicit materials/images in electronic or other format
  • ensure that they do not practise while under the influence of any substance which impairs their fitness to teach.

4. Professional Practice

Teachers should:

  • maintain high standards of practice in relation to pupil/student learning, planning,   monitoring, assessing, reporting and providing feedback
  • apply their knowledge and experience in facilitating pupils’/students’ holistic development
  • plan and communicate clear, challenging and achievable expectations for pupils/students
  • create an environment where pupils/ students can become active agents in the learning process and develop lifelong learning skills
  • develop teaching, learning and assessment strategies that support differentiated learning in a way that respects the dignity of all pupils/ students
  • inform their professional judgement and practice by engaging with, and reflecting on, pupil/student development, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum development, ethical practice, educational policy and legislation
  • in a context of mutual respect, be open and responsive to constructive feedback regarding their practice and, if necessary, seek appropriate support, advice and guidance
  • act in the best interest of pupils/students.

5. Professional Development

Teachers should:

  • take personal responsibility for sustaining and improving the quality of their professional practice by:
  • actively maintaining their professional knowledge and understanding to ensure it is current
  • reflecting on and critically evaluating their professional practice, in light of their professional knowledge base
  • availing of opportunities for career-long professional development.

6. Professional Collegiality and Collaboration

Teachers should:

  • work with teaching colleagues and student teachers in the interests of sharing, developing and supporting good practice and maintaining the highest quality of educational experiences for pupils/students
  • work in a collaborative manner with pupils/students, parents/guardians, school management, other members of staff, relevant professionals and the wider school community, as appropriate, in seeking to effectively meet the needs of pupils/students
  • co-operate with the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills and other statutory and public non-statutory educational and support services, as appropriate
  • engage with the planning, implementation and evaluation of curriculum at classroom and school level.


  • Respect the rights of all persons involved in the educational process
  • Respect the authority of school staff
  • Respect the diversity of staff and students in ShakthiPublic  School with regard to race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, sexual   orientation, gender identity, primary language, disability, special needs, age, and economic class
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a safe and supportive educational environment
  • Apply their abilities and interests to the improvement of their education
  • Exercise the highest degree of self-discipline, to the best of their ability, in observing and adhering to rules and regulations
  • Recognize that responsibility is inherent in the exercise of every right
  • Assure that they exercise their voice in student government.

Expected Student Behaviours

In Shakthi Public School all students are expected to:

  • Engage in learning activities and take school work seriously
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Be courteous
  • Respect the personal, civil, and property rights of others
  • Attend school regularly, on time, and prepared to learn
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Seek alternatives to verbal or physical conflicts
  • Speak appropriately
  • Dress appropriately
  • Exhibit self-control
  • Cooperate with others
  • Behave ethically