The information technology revolution has heralded the introduction of smart boards in classrooms and is replacing the conventional blackboards.  Apart from that, teachers can also refer to a wide variety of resources from the internet and present interesting clippings, images and also correspond with students using digital school media communication interfaces. 

Interactive smart boards:  Interactive smart boards are replacing the traditional chalk and board in classrooms.  Animations for covering different topics from history to science make learning more engaging as students are better able to reflect on topics when presented in an audiovisual manner.   The teacher can facilitate lively discussions after the presentation of a topic using the smart board as well as pause to discuss certain points of interest.  The interactive smart board can be used along with the blackboard/white board to make teaching more effective and reach out to all students.

  1. Use of internet in teaching:  The internet can serve as a valuable resource for teachers for lesson planning, designing worksheets and assessments and as a general reference source to make teaching a deep and meaningful experience.   Great ideas for teaching and inspiring students can crystallize by referring to the internet.  Interesting clippings and images can also be presented to students to enhance the learning experience of the student and make the entire teaching-learning process memorable and enjoyable.  Rich discussions can occur by using audiovisual stimulus from internet resources and enable learning to be more connected to real-life situations.


Digital Classrooms :All the 20 classrooms at Shakthi Public Schools are equipped with the latest audio-video infrastructure based on the Edurite Tutoring Platform™. It comprises of modern software-based learning programmes which are regularly updated. Every class has Smart Black Boards and integrated Audio Visual equipment. It employs period-level multimedia tools, animations and interactive graphics which make classes very interesting and ensures active participation from all students. With unique features such as 3D graphics and the ability to enlarge and go deep into the object under discussion, faculty members use these tools to maximise the learning experience for students.

Looking at the benefits of Interactive Smart Boards from the inception of the School, Shakthi Public School has introduced modern digital classrooms in all the class rooms with full audio and video equipment and built-in projectors. The Smart Board Technology is offered by tie-up with Pearson Education Services Private Limited.  All the 14 class rooms are powered by Digital Smart Boards for Effective Learning.

Scientific Methodology:

The speciality of these Edurite learning modules are, their being objective and purpose driven. Students are trained on unique and special techniques to give them the advantage over children of other regular schools. The Children will learn to quickly solve problems and have deep understanding of the subjects.